The Green T brings you over 10 years of experience, providing unique, custom made and affordable magic props and gimmicks to magicians all over the world; with each and every item made by our own hands.

We dedicate time and effort to ensure that our clients receive exactly what they want and of the quality they demand. We regularly supply handmade, bespoke items to all types of magician from the bedroom hobbyist to some of the biggest names in magic.

As well as custom made props and gimmicks, we can also supply items considered the mainstay of many magic acts. Our background in magic and entertainment means we understand what magicians need. This experience means we can take a basic brief and apply our own unique take on our clients’ wishes, to create something truly special. This fresh approach and creativity has resulted in the creation of some of the most talked about magic products in the UK, including the now infamous I.L.C. deck; a go to effect in many magicians’ acts.

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